KV Enterprise
K.V.Enterprise established during the year of 1985 by Mr.KISHORBHAI.V.PARMAR with a motto to manufacture and supply the products of the highest quality material of precision BRASS TURNED COMPONENTS & SERVICES mainly to Electrical/Electronics Auto, Engineering, Hardware Industries and Energy Meter Manufacturing Companies and many other users of precision approved products who hold ISO 9001 AND ISO 9002 Certification through out the country and abroad to their utmost satisfaction.
K.V.Enterprise has a dynamic self motivated professionals with KISHORBHAI PARMAR, a young energetic and spiritual personality, at helm as Managing Partner, being assisted by well experienced stout and keenly interested personality SURESH PARMAR, who made it possible to make a K.V.Enterprise. Our products and solutions lead to optimization of SALES AND MINIMIZATION OF COSTS ECONOMICALLY.
Apart from the above quality conscious production is undertaken in accordance with the samples / Drawings specifications at International Standards. Our Products confirm to the requirements of All indai and other Country's Standards and as such find almost green channel treatment with Original Equipment Manufacturers all over.
Our current supplies are mainly to the End Users in our Country as well as Abroad of a comprehensive top quality product range.
Sr. No.   Nos.
First Operation Machineries
01 Automatic Machine For Turning, Drilling & Threading 15
Second Operation Machineries
02 Rotary Table Automatic Machine Drilling, Tapping & Slitting 01
03 Turning & Drilling Machine 10
04 Threading Machine 05
05 Pitch Control Threading Machine 01
06 Hand Press Machine 03
07 Wire Draw Machine 01
08 Small Drill Machine 04
09 Mine Threading Machine 02
10 Cutting Machine 02
11 Rollar Type Wire Straight Machine 01
12 Welding Machine 01
13 Compressor 01
14 Computer 02
15 Fax & Xerox 01
16 Generator Set 01